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About The Talis Team

We know our real estate market is challenging. Too few homes on the market, too many people competing for small inventory, extensive regulations, and ultimately a large sum of your money at stake.

We know you’ve done your research. Google and the ever-expanding array of real estate websites provides a deluge of resources that can be overwhelming. We have found that the most valuable information is practical knowledge gained by the experience of helping you, our clients, win in our competitive market.

Schools, neighborhoods, demographics, history, and market trends can easily be found online. Our priority is to take you from the endless barrage of information to the local market reality and provide a transparent experience with strategies catered to find the best home for you.

Our expertise and knowledge come from over 45 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, and customer support. You are in good hands. We have taken hundreds of our clients on this journey and they are happy to share their stories and hope to help create yours.

Don’t worry, we work when you don’t! Let us know when we can meet with you (evenings and weekends are fine!) and we can have a conversation about your desires, concerns, and everything in between.

The Talis Team

Enjoying Life and Giving Back

We believe life is not just what you receive, but what you give. We love our community and enjoy giving back to help others succeed.

The Talis Team Difference

Our Core Values

What makes us different is not the fact we’re one of the top performing teams in the Redwood City area by production. It’s our values.


We are all different and uniquely gifted for a purpose.


A culture of honor and respect to all individuals.


Clear communication and transparent business.


Honor and integrity are important above all else.

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